Raspberry Poodle Portrait

+ new Chow Chow pin, Radio City iPhone 13 Cases & Black Friday Sale!

Dear friends, I hope you are well! Things in Boston are slightly back to normal. The entertainment business is back in full force, which means I have been working backstage in the theatre when I can.. Things are a bit strange, and every day is different, but I guess that’s what keeps life interesting.

While adjusting to all of that, I have been plugging away at some beadwork. I finally finished beading a mini-Raspberry Poodle portrait. I started this piece way back in February, and have worked on it off and on all summer. This was another one of my experiments. I wanted to create a fully beaded portrait where every inch of the opening in the matte was filled with beadwork. I finally mounted this piece in an 8”x 8” frame and posted it on Instagram. Much to my surprise, it sold almost immediately!

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This piece was a bit time consuming because the leaves & flowers were layered around the poodle. I then stitched edging around it to help it fill the opening of the matte. The beadwork measures approx. 3.5” x 3.5”. I like it so much that I might offer this print on greeting cards. Perhaps I should make another portrait similar to this one? What do you think?


I have also been working on my Etsy shop. I recently sold a new beaded Boston Terrier pin.

And, I listed a new cream-colored Chow Chow brooch. You can watch the product video HERE. I also just finished making a matching tiny 1” Chow Chow pendant. Look for that on Etsy very soon!

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And due to the popularity of my Radio City design, I have created an iPhone 13 case which is available for the 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max. View all Radio City items HERE.

If you are shopping around looking for holiday gifts, check out my Black Friday Sale! Save up to 15% on all ready to ship beaded dog pins, jewelry, and art, as well as all printed merchandise such as t-shirts, phone cases, and accessory pouches! You will find something for everyone! Sale ends December 3, 2021.

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Please visit my Instagram or TikTok for more updates. Wishing you all a happy healthy Thanksgiving!

♥ Diana




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