Accessorize 2021

Chow Chows, Poodle Earrings, + New Travel Pouches

Its been an emotional and strange New Year already, but I feel as though things are starting to calm a bit. How have you been coping? I have been trying not to let the stress and anxiety get to me. I try hard to stick to my daily routine. I wake up, do a workout on my Bellicon, eat oatmeal for breakfast, do a quick Spanish lesson and catch up on business-related tasks until lunchtime. For lunch, I usually have avocado toast with chopped tomato and broccoli sprouts on top. Then, in the afternoon, I work on beadwork or any other creative projects I have going on at the moment..

One of these projects was a pair of beaded Chow Chow earrings. These do have the same wavy hair as the pin does, but they also feature pink beaded tongues that stick out! These earrings were made to complete the set. They are available for sale in my Etsy shop. There is a Chow Chow sticker available, too!

I also completed a new pair of beaded ‘Princess’ Poodle earrings. These were totally experimental, although they were inspired by my ‘Pretty in Poodles’ dog collar necklace. The earrings were made by hand sewing tiny 1x4mm micro bugle beads on top of Japanese size 15 seed beads. These are post earrings - sterling silver posts were sewn to the back. I try hard to create identical or mirror-image earrings, but it’s not so easy! In fact, its extremely difficult for me to duplicate my own work. But I think I did an okay job at these poodles. What do you think?

And when I don’t feel like doing beadwork, I have been having fun creating new accessory pouches to sell on Etsy! These will feature some of my beaded paintings & art. Here is a pouch featuring a print of my 'Flamingo Moon' painting - my very first bead painting. This is a flat pouch which you can use for travel, art supplies, beads, sewing projects, pencils, cosmetics, or almost anything you can think of. This pouch is printed on both sides and is available in 2 sizes. Please note: pouches are NOT actually beaded, this is a print.. The original beaded painting is also available for sale.

And check out this fab new ‘Beading Mind & Soul’ T-bottom pouch - perfect to go with your ‘Beading Mind & Soul’ T-shirt. Check out more Pouches & T-shirts HERE.

Please note that due to prior travel arrangements, processing times in my Etsy shop will temporarily be longer than usual. All Ready-to-Ship items purchased between Jan. 29, 2021 and Feb. 14, 2021 will ship out by Feb. 17, 2021. Print on demand items such as T-shirts, iPhone cases, accessory pouches, prints, and stickers will ship out as scheduled. Please check processing times before placing your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you for your interest in my bead embroidery!

♥ Diana